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Central Coast Community Shed Inc.      

                                                  Sponsoring the FRIENDSHIP PROJECT & Shed Connections on the Central Coast of NSW            

8 Kitty Place, Watanobbi, NSW 2259 Australia                                                   


Strategic Development

The constantly changing nature of lives, occupations, technology and associated learning transitions has for many years highlighted the importance of understanding how people access the places and knowledge necessary to successfully navigate through their social and professional lives. 

Shed Connections, sponsored by The Central Coast Community Shed has developed the following strategies based within Team Playing, Board Gaming and a Computer Hub to assist with this transition.

The Vision

Shed Connections has joined with Team Playing to provide a safe space and the facilities to support people who are seeking support for; anxiety/depression/PTSD/physical disability or relationship break down. 

Shed Connections can also assist with the transitioning from one-on-one therapy to the formation of groups of like-situational people to assist the recovery/healing process which will in turn provide renewed personal connections. By combining applications and activities such as strategic gaming, board gaming, workshops and creative resources this engagement with whole of life learning brings principles and purpose back to lives through leadership-teamwork-companionship-learnership and creative interaction. 

The environment of Organisational Learning

The Shed’s environment and ethos are designed to provide strategies that enhance personal development and learning which are implemented through the application of principle, purpose and people. As the Shed has already implemented and encouraged a number of emergent communal initiatives it is well placed to strengthen and shape the values and potentials associated with organisational learning and the empowerment of individuals and their communities across the Central Coast.

The Culture of Board Gaming

The playing of Board Games enhances (reflective) learning while enabling supportive environments that create and empowers a culture based within mutuality, respect and obligation. To assist these processes Shed Connections provides the safe space and an assortment of games and activities that are designed to assist fine tune the environmental, the psychological and the social practices that come together to enhance mutual trust, social connections and communal values. 

Simply, Shed Connections provides the environmental management to assist organisational learning in order to inspire and support individuals as they reconstruct new identities and pathways to social and emotional wellness.

In summary, the strategic organisational teambuilding and gaming as promoted by Shed Connections and Team Playing is designed to create an environment where board games and workshops allow individuals to walk together as companions in order to promote a participative, responsive system to assist, support and encourage reflection upon Life and communal learning. Team Playing combines games and creative ability to sustain a culture of equality and inclusivity that provides the cohesion and self-appraisal to assist and inspire individuals and their communities to develop resilience, encourage sustainability and promote social ability.

The Central Coast Community Shed Inc. 8 Kitty Place, Watanobbi NSW 2259.

Email: [email protected] 

Strategic communication – sharing information and inspiration – managing the media

for professionals and organisations

Shed Connections is coordinated by:

Guy Wernhard

(BA in Eng Lit; Dip in Ed; Master Social Change and Development; GSC)

Andrew Rowland

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